Like It Or Not, You Have A Brand.

Even if you have no idea what it is, you still have a brand.

That may feel superficial, but the reality is consciously or unconsciously, others assess your appearance, speech, energy, personality, and behavior all the time. From those assessments, they form opinions about your likely strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities, and decide if they want to further engage with you.

Brands are helpful. They enable us to sort through options and make associations. A brand is a form of a promise. It’s what a product, service, organization, event, or individual is known for, whether by design or by default.

So, even if you have never thought about your personal brand, you still have one. It’s what you stand for in the minds of others.

Often, while you are attempting to get others to focus on an idea or product you are advocating, they are still focused on you, trying to decide if they want to be connected to you personally. If they have concerns about you, they will probably never seriously consider your idea or product. That is why your personal brand matters. Your personal brand is often the gateway to your business.

Launch Youniversity mentor Jeff Henderson challenges us to ask others this powerful yet simple question: "What's it like to be on the other side of me?" Why? A strong personal brand starts with self-awareness.

This assessment will help you discover if your personal brand is enhancing or undermining your idea, product, business or career.

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